White Ceramic Gaiwan


Our simple white ceramic gaiwan teapot holds 100ml of water.  With a wide enough lip to prevent burning your fingers.  With a clean white color wonderful for viewing tea leaves!  Perfect for brewing tea in the Gong Fu Cha style.  

Our white ceramic gaiwan teapot is a great addition to any tea connoisseurs collection. Gaiwan in chinese means lidded cup or lidded bowl.  Additionally, they are very popular and wonderful for brewing in the Gong Fu Cha style!  Gong Fu translates to “right effort” and cha is “tea” in Chinese.  Therefore, it can be taken to mean putting in your best effort to coax the best flavors from your tea.  This method consists of brewing tea in less water, for shorter time frames and many steeps. 

If you enjoy tea I highly recommend using the Gong Fu Cha style of tea brewing.  Especially for our Da Hong Pao!  This style uses more tea, less water, and much shorter infusions.  In doing so, you bring about many suttle nuances otherwise lost to a longer brewing period.  The gong fu brewing recommendations for rock oolongs such as our Da Hong Pao are as follows:


  • 4 grams/ 100ml water


  • 195° F or 90°C

Infusion intervals:

  • Hot wash poured off quickly
  • 1st steep 10-15 seconds
  • 2nd steep 15 seconds
  • 3rd steep 20 seconds
  • adding 5 seconds for any remaining steeps

If you have never tried brewing tea this way you will not regret it!  Moreover, this white ceramic gaiwan teapot is a wonderful, affordable way to get your feet, and your leaves wet! [1]


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