Type 2 tumbled shungite for water purification, structuring, and potent regenerative properties.  The unique structure the carbon molecules take on is called a fullerene and, is a hollow carbon molecule capable of cleansing water. Shungite is able to neutralize all manner of harmful chemicals including chlorine, fluoride, and many others including pesticides and herbicides!


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Shungite water purification stones (Pronounced: shun-kite) is a carbon-based mineral with varying amounts of organic carbon in the different grades.

“Type 1 (silver shungite) occurs as a black shiny vitreous mineral with a semi-metallic coloration.

  • It contains 98% organic carbon.
  • This is the most scarce form of shungite and accounts for only 1 percent of the total shungite that is found.
  • It occurs in very narrow veins having a maximum width of 16 inches.
  • It can be easily identified because of its conchoidal fractures.

Type 2 (black shungite) occurs as a black mineral. This is the same grade as our “Shungite Water Purification Stones”.

  • This form of shungite is easily formed and is the most often used for making shaped objects.
  • It contains 50-70% organic carbon.

Type 3 (gray shungite) occurs as a gray-colored mineral

  • It contains 30-50% organic carbon.”

Shungite and It’s Healing properties

Grigory Andrievsky discovered in his research into shungite and its fullerenes that, “natural fullerenes act on a systemic level and not as a treatment for an illness.  They act as an adaptogen operating both at the cellular level and at the level of the whole human body.”

The carbon molecules in the structure they are in also act as antioxidants in our bodies however unlike most antioxidants they do not degrade and will instead continuously attract and neutralize free radicals.  This is one of our favorite attributes of our “Shungite Water Purification Stones”.

“Antioxidants are substances that for the most part inhibit the process of oxidation and peroxidation of free radicals……The molecule of a classical antioxidant combines with a free radical to form a resultant harmless molecule through a mechanism of neutralization. In contrast, natural fullerenes act as catalyzers. Thanks to its soccer-ball shape, a molecule of natural fullerene attracts free radicals that end up stuck to it, covering its entire surface. Having numerous free radicals side by side on a fullerene base leads to their molecular transformation into a neutral compound. At the same time, a fullerene does not lose its molecular composition and continues to attract free radicals.


Fullerenes and Their Benefits

According to the work of Andrievsky, fullerene molecules are a permanent catalyzer in the recombining of free radicals. This is true, even in very reduced dosages and over a period of several months. The conclusions of this work extend even further and identify the following complementary effects:

  • Natural fullerenes derived from shungite normalize cellular metabolism through enzymatic activity increase the resistance of the body’s cells.
  •  Possessing anti-inflammatory properties, they stimulate the ability of tissues to regenerate.
  • They also foster the exchange of neurotransmitters improving many bodily functions.
  • Natural fullerenes also act against toxins and can neutralize toxins present in the body. Specifically, active fullerenes in the liver reduce toxicity levels and aid in the elimination of certain toxins.
  • These compounds can aid in eliminating novel toxins created when your body sustains burns or experiences other mass tissue die-offs.  This, in turn, speeds healing.


excerpt from SHUNGITE Protection, Healing, and Detoxification  By Regina Martino

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Our shungite water purification stones pair wonderfully with our teas!  Adding a shungite to your water for a day before use will improve the taste of your tea!

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