Sage Smudge


Sage is a plant touted for its amazing host of beneficial properties as well as its culinary prowess.  Utilized by many native american tribes Sage is a member of the mint family of plants and as such has a host of amazing attributes from cleaning the air to improving mood and overall cognitive functioning!

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Overview of Sage Smudge

Sage a member of the mint family.  Many people desire this plant as it has a ton of really cool benefits.  First, sage smudge, when burned, has the power to clean the air.  It can eliminate up to 94% of the potentially harmful or pathogenic microbes in the air!  No doubt, due to its very powerful terpenes such as α-Pinene, Limonene, and Linalool to name a few.  Many of the constituents have uplifting effects on your brain chemistry when inhaled.   Consequentially to cleaning the air they also smell quite nice!  Chewing fresh leaves can reduce blood sugar levels.  As such, it has been traditionally used by many cultures to treat the effects of diabetes!

Sage Smudge Across Time

Many cultures have used sage.  Ancient Egyptians used the herb quite frequently for healing purposes and as a culinary herb.  The Romans and Greeks were also rather fond of the herb.  Native Americans have been burning sage ritualistically for hundreds if not thousands of years!  They believe that smudging with sage can promote wisdom and healing.  In addition, they also believe it will protect from harmful energies as well as promoting longevity.

Anticancer Potential of Sage

Among all of these wonderful attributes that sage has there’s more!  Sage has also shown the potential to treat CANCER!  Test tube studies have suggested that sage may be beneficial in the fight against many types of cancer.  these include liver cancer, colon cancerbreast cancer, oral cancers maybe we should be chewing the leaves!  Also, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, leukemic lymphoma, leukemia, breast, and prostate cancers to name a few.  So as you can see sage is a powerful herbal ally to have at your disposal!!!!

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