Shilajit is a complex vitamin and mineral complex hosting over 85 minerals in an ionic form with Humic and Fulvic acids.  Fulvic and humic acids increase the absorption and structuring of water in your cells!!  Made over thousands of years as ancient rainforests were compressed between large mountain ranges.  This tar-like substance that is full of bioavailable micronutrients and minerals.  Energizing your cells for optimal performance, naturally designed to replenish your mineral reserves.  Processed through several complex stages of ayurvedic refinement to bring you this pure form.


.3-.5 grams a day dissolved into water or juice!

.3-.5 grams dissolved into a gallon of water to water plants to boost vitality!

100 grams is 333 doses at .3 grams a day or 200 doses at .5 grams a day! That’s almost a year supply of individual doses!!!


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What is Shilajit

The name Shilajit is a Sanskrit word meaning the destroyer of weakness; and the winner or conqueror of mountains! Expressed from stones at high elevations in the Himalaya mountains between India and Nepal.  Likewise, it is also found in Afghanistan, the Altai mountains in Russia, and was recently discovered in Chile.  Only able to be collected between May and July.  Shilajit is a black tar-like substance.  Formed over thousands of years through microbial fermentation of ancient forests it contains humus, organic plant materials, fluvic acid, and diverse nutrient content.

What Can It Do?

The fulvic acid is the main carrier of molecules.  It transports nutrients into the deep tissues of the body.  In addition, it is used to treat chronic fatigue and altitude sickness because it helps overcome tiredness and lethargy.  No doubt, due to its content of antioxidants, metabolites, small peptides, humic acid, amino acids, and fulvic acid.  “It also contains more than 84 minerals including copper, silver, zinc, iron, and lead in their ionic forms.”  [1] Meaning they are the most bioavailable!  This is a potent but very safe dietary supplement.  Given that, it restores the energetic balance to the cells. 

Shilajit benefits all bodily processes regulating the health of the immune, excretory, digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems. That being said, it is used to treat almost all ailments of the body. [1]  Not to mention, it is known to act as a rejuvenator and anti-aging compound.  Helping with energy production, it reduces recovery periods of injured bones, muscles, and nerves, and is used in the treatment of fractures.

Our Russian Altai Shilajit Mumijo refined and filtered for the purest product available that along with heavy metals testing assures this shilajit is of the highest quality. 

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