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Onions, members of the allium family are a staple in cuisine from around the world.  Onions have been used for thousands of years all across the planet.  Some scientists say that onions originated in central Asia.  While some historians believe they actually came from the middle east before making their pilgrimage all over the world.  The true origin of the onion is unknown.  However, everyone agrees that it’s widespread use is no doubt due to its amazing flavor profile and the ability to conform to any dish.

Onions contain a ton of beneficial nutrition.  They have compounds that benefit your circulatory system, endocrine system, immune and inflammatory systems, bone health, and digestion.  Overall onions are a wonderful addition to your diet and provide much-needed nutrition and health support.

Our onion seed is from all organically grown onions out of my own personal garden.

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Our onion seed is grown with 100% regenerative means, zero chemicals have been used in my garden.

The allium family of plants contains some of the world’s most highly regarded staples.   This family includes all onions, garlic, shallots, and even leeks!!  Used as both ornamental flowers and food across the millennia.  Onions have been in use for thousands of years the oldest written accounts of onions are in ancient Vedic texts dating over 5000 years.  Moreover, they have been used by every major society from the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans, even Native Americans!![1]  This is due to the fact that they grow all over the world, and are easily stored and transported.  The fact that allium family plants are extremely good for your entire body probably also had a little to do with it.  

As early as the sixth century (501-600BC) it was revered in the Chakara Samhita.  This book is an ancient Sanskrit text about health and wellness.  One of only two texts on the topic surviving from ancient India.  It speaks to onions’ ability to aid in digestion as well as being good for the heart, eyes, and joints.

Our onion seed is sure to flourish into a healthy addition to any meal.  A meal that will be healthy and taste better since you grew it!!


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