Honey Oolong


This Honey Oolong is a wonderful treat!  As a daily drinker or an aid to a sore throat, this tea will leave you feeling warm and comforted.  Produced by taking medium roast Tie Guan Yin leaves and saturating with osmanthus flower, honey.  The tea is Tie Guan Yin from Anxi county Fujian province in China hand-rolled from a close friend’s family farm.

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Overview of Honey Oolong

Our honey oolong is a favorite, and along with being delicious it also has some awesome potential health benefits!  Made by infusing medium roasted Tie Guan Yin with winter harvest golden osmanthus flower honey.  The tea is placed in a large clay pot, and honey is added until saturation is achieved!  Used traditionally by the locals to treat sore throat, toothaches, and symptoms of heat stress!

Health Benefits of Tea

Due to a complex and wide variety of flavor profiles, tea has been revered for thousands of years.  Similarly, its amazing host of health benefits has caused it to become a fan favorite.  Over the years tea has gained traction as a wonderful addition to any diet or lifestyle.  This is due in part to its many wonderful health-promoting compounds.  Rising popularity has called for many scientific studies to be conducted on tea.  As a result, scientists have isolated many beneficial compounds.  Some of these beneficial compounds are antioxidants, anti-cancer polyphenols, essential oils, and some vitamins and minerals including zinc. 

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey, has been a respected and highly valued commodity for millennia.  They have found crystallized honey in Egyptian tombs dating back thousands of years.  Furthermore, the honey in question was still perfectly safe to consume.   Honey’s antimicrobial action, natural hydrogen peroxide content and it’s naturally occurring acids allow it to be preserved indefinitely under proper conditions.  These actions are also what makes honey a powerful addition to our daily diet.  Fighting infection both internally and externally.  Humanity has been using honey for wound healing for centuries.  Certain types of honey are even used to treat various antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that pose a huge detriment to human health.  In addition, honey is also active against many forms of oral pathogens, that cause tooth decay and bad breath. [1]

Antioxidant activity

Tea and honey are both jam-packed with polyphenols, flavonoids, and many organic acids.  All of these compounds have a commonality, they are powerful antioxidants.  Antioxidants protect the cells of the body from damage from free radicals. Pollutants in our food and the natural aging process produce unstable compounds called free radicals.  These compounds damage the structure of our cells and their DNA, causing mutation.  These mutations lead to some forms of cancer and accelerate the aging process.  Furthermore, by inhibiting the formation of bad bacteria, antioxidants have been shown to promote good oral health.  While tea, in general, makes it more difficult for bad bacteria to adhere to the tooth surface. 

Overall drinking tea with honey is full of amazing potential health benefits!  Our honey oolong is a perfect combination of top-notch tea and honey!  Happy tastings!

Pairs great with our white ceramic gaiwan!

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