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A photo of my peach tree its second year!

Landscaping Services

We can help you either plant or maintain young fruit trees.  Proper pruning helps to maximize production, and minimize disease and pest problems.  We will work with you to ensure your fruit tree lives a long happy life!  Pictured above is my peach tree at the beginning of its first year in the ground (5/16/20), and again on July 29th!

Let me help you build your dream garden!  I love building gardens, bringing in permaculture and regenerative techniques.  

I intend not only to help minimize effort and energy required, but also yield much healthier plants and soil!  

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This service includes periodic applications of long term digestible nutrition.  I will also add microbial inoculation to release the nutrients for your plant!  

This includes but is not limited to trees, gardens, ornamentals, lawns, or any other application. 

This includes but is not limited to mulching, cover cropping, top dressing nutrition, adding microbial inoculations, and even periodic watering if needed!

Everything from planting to periodic watering, application of beneficial microbes and slow release nutrition, as well as minor trimming and sucker removal!   

P.S. If you have a tree you love and it isn’t mulched please mulch it, don’t do it for me do it for your tree!!

Every season I will grow and expand my selection of home grown, open  pollinated, heirloom seed varieties.  Head over the the Seed Shop to check out this seasons selection!

I will also have some discount seed from previous years growing seasons for a discount!!!

Just some plants I have grown.  Let me help you build a garden that will remain fertile for up to thirty years!  It will age like a fine wine and produce more food per square foot than you may have thought possible!