Regenerative Holistics LLC

Hello my name is Andrew Newby owner and operator of Regenerative Holistics LLC!  I started this company with a vision of providing high quality life enhancing products, at an affordable price.  Our products come from the most ethical and environmentally friendly sources possible.  I also seek to be fully transparent answering any and all questions about sourcing, or production!  Thank you for helping me make my vision a reality!

My Favorite Products

These are the products that have impacted my life enough to want to start this business, and share them with the world!

Our promise

We hold quality and satisfaction to the utmost importance, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your experience feel free to message me and I will help in any way I can!

A bit about myself

My overall goal in life as well as business is to make the world a brighter more enjoyable place!  I am vivaciously passionate about regenerative agriculture, along with health and wellness, as the two are inherently connected.  I also dabble in mycology and hope to implement that and begin making my own medicinal mushroom powders!  My partner and my daughter are the bee’s knee’s and together we have many fun adventures from gems shows and hiking, to rock climbing and swimming. 

“Allow nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.”

John Muir